Satoshi District LLC is proud to announce a brand new NFT collection that will give former and existing Voyager Digital shareholders more than a boost of confidence, but an opportunity to turn their fortunes around.  That’s because during the third quarter of 2023, Revolt Voyager™ will launch exclusive NFT’s for ten weeks straight representing different characters for an up-and-coming revolutionary video boxing game.  The collection and game will be entirely on the Solana Blockchain.

The NFT collection is an extension of good and bad characters – Rooks of Revolution™ and the Crooks of Crypto™, where all characters are doppelgängers representing various individuals in the crypto industry.  The Rooks of Revolution stand for decentralized government, economic freedom and justice while their evil counterparts represent greed and malfeasance, draining crypto communities of vital resources for their own ill-begotten gains.

The collection will offer 10 of the 13 doppelgängers for sale, with the other characters being distributed as either bonus mints or mints that must be won in contests.  There are only 777 available mints for each character – each with a price tag of $250.  100 mints will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis in a pre-sale exclusively available to only 250 whitelist participants.  Each whitelist participant can only purchase one mint per week.  Whitelist information will soon become available on Revolt Voyager’s recently launched Discord server.

As far as how Satoshi District will reward former and existing shareholders of Voyager Digital, Satoshi District’s CEO, Daniel Schneider, has a lot to say on this matter.  “As a person who has lost a lot of money in an investment gone bad, I felt it was necessary to create an opportunity for Voyager Digital shareholders to potentially get a large portion of what was lost.  It wasn’t fair what Voyager Digital did to shareholders and customers.  It was dirty, unethical and straight out of a Wall Street crime scene.  Who tells customers that their money is FDIC insured when it’s not?  Who tells customers that their money is safe when it’s lent out to one of the most leveraged hedge funds in the industry?  Who then tells the bankruptcy court that the customers were not the true owners of crypto that they bought with their own money?  I’m so disgusted at the actions of Voyager Digital’s top management to bait and switch customers with lies while destroying the lives of individuals who thought the company was a safe haven in the industry.  Meanwhile the CEO cashed out over $30 million in shares as the company gambled away other people’s money.”

Schneider continued “I wasn’t going to sit here and watch my money and other people’s money vanish into thin air. That’s when the idea of Revolt Voyager was born. We can truly take matters into our own hands and ask the crypto community for help by making ownership in a Revolt Voyager NFT worth its weight in gold, or in this case Solana. While there are going to be many income opportunities in the game for NFT holders, one of the most rewarding parts of the project goes far beyond rewarding Voyager Digital shareholders. We believe that philanthropy will be the real game-changer for Revolt Voyager. In a projected $260 billion dollar video game industry by the year 2025, we believe that our ‘Fight for a Cause’ game mode will be a viable solution for bringing much needed revenues to philanthropies that focus on finding cures and treatments for various diseases and cancers.”

Schneider also wanted to make additional few points on the project.  “We are really going against significant long-term branding prior to the launch of this NFT Collection, not because we don’t need it but because people need hope.   And if a project takes a long time just to offer an NFT collection for sale, then that hope seems far out of reach.  It’s already going to take time to make the video game and spin off the company as a separate entity so that Voyager Digital shareholders can be financially compensated.  We need to take action now.”

The Revolt Voyager video game will have multiple gaming modes of play.  These include Minters Mode, Standard Game Mode, Pay-Play-WIN! Mode and Fight for a Cause Mode.   More information will be released in the coming months.

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