Compensation Program

 Investors in Voyager Digital may qualify for future equity consideration in Revolt Voyager.

There are two conditions in which you may qualify for future equity consideration in Revolt Voyager as a former shareholder of Voyager Digital:

  • If you are an individual retail investor who lost money in Voyager Digital by holding aggregate shares that cost $1,000 or more and held such shares until the market close on June 21, 2022, you may be entitled to future equity consideration in Revolt Voyager. Please read the section entitled “Fair and Equitable Distribution of Equity for Shareholders of Voyager Digital” to confirm you qualify under CASE ONE.
  • If you hold now or in the future, 25,000 or more shares of Voyager Digital until the market close on the day in which all Revolt Voyager NFT sales complete, you may be entitled to a future equity stake in Revolt Voyager. Please read the section entitled “Fair and Equitable Distribution of Equity for Shareholders of Voyager Digital” to confirm you qualify under CASE TWO.

Fair and Equitable Distribution of Equity for Shareholders of Voyager Digital

Prior retail shareholders of Voyager Digital who held the stock as of the close of business on June 21, 2022, the day prior to Voyager’s announcement that it had lent over $700 million to Three Arrows Capital, are eligible to receive a pro-rated portion of a ten percent equity interest in the Revolt Voyager Project.  The shares will be pro-rated based on the aggregate cost basis without consideration for any remaining value in Voyager Digital stock.  An additional ten percent interest will be pro-rated and divided amongst all investors who own Voyager Digital stock (under the original company ticker, VYGVQ and/or its equivalent on any exchange).  In this way, we can help compensate Voyager Digital shareholders in a fair and equitable manner, based on information that was not available to them and would have prevented any prudent investor from actively purchasing Voyager Digital stock had they known about Voyager Digital’s risky behavior, as well as investors who held and/or continue to hold Voyager Digital stock in hopes of a recovery.  A total of 20 percent of the company will be granted and distributed to former and existing shareholders of Voyager Digital that reside in either the USA or Canada.

CASE ONE– INDIVIDUAL RETAIL INVESTORS ONLY – (10% Distribution of Project) –The minimum requirement for former shareholders is having retained a minimum of $1,000 (at your cost) in Voyager Digital Stock and holding such shares through June 21, 2022.  June 22 is the day in which Voyager Digital Stock fell more than 60% after it was revealed that the company had loss exposure of more than $700 million in loans to Three Arrows Capital.  Please note that you must be able to show the value of shares purchased and held on a FIFO (First-In First-Out) cost basis.  Each individual shareholder’s percentage interest in the new company will be based upon his/her total losses and/or original holdings value, not his/her total shares, and be considered up to a maximum of $250,000 with regard to his/her individual losses when computing interest in the new organization.  If your loss is above $250,000, your claim will be processed at $250,000 in consideration of new equity.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CLAIMS ARE LIMITED IN CASE ONE TO A MAXIMUM AGGREGATE OF 1,000 INDIVIDUALLY APPROVED CLAIMS.

CASE TWO (10% Distribution of Project)– ALL INVESTOR TYPES QUALIFY – Holding 25,000 or more shares of Voyager Digital on the day of the final NFT sale of Revolt Voyager™ qualifies.  Each shareholder’s percentage interest in the new company will be based upon his/her total shares owned (minimum 25,000 units) as of the close of business on the day of the last NFT sale.  There is no maximum threshold and claims will be pro-rated based on number of shares held.  While there are no limits on the number of individual claims, the number of outstanding shares of Voyager Digital will limit the number of possible claimants. 

Hedge funds, mutual funds, large companies, current or past employees of Voyager Digital, and any previous companies and/or individuals with current and/or previous business relationships with Voyager Digital are ineligible for receiving any ownership in the new organization under CASE ONE, regardless of the amount of money lost or shares held.  Small investment clubs, provided they are incorporated and/or under the name of one or more individuals excluding such parties as previously mentioned, are included in CASE ONE but the maximum claim rule still applies, regardless of the number of individuals that represent said entity.  Any unethical attempts to deceive and/or circumvent the rules in CASE ONE, such as attempting to split ownership in shares through a single individual account to avert the maximum claims benefit, utilize the same brokerage account to create multiple claims, or any other attempts deemed to be abusive by Satoshi District LLC, will result in forfeiture of your rights to any and all claims.  Any and all parties, including hedge funds, mutual funds, large companies, excluding current or past employees of Voyager Digital, based out of the US or Canada, are eligible for CASE TWO claims provided they meet the minimum eligibility requirements of holding 25,000 or more shares.

As part of KYC and proving prior ownership for CASE ONE, claimants must be willing to share a brokerage statement comprising the full month of June 2022 clearly showing ownership of Voyager Digital Shares without selling before June 21, 2022, a statement showing his/her average cost of such shares owned (i.e.. may be on the same statement), driver’s license or passport, and two pieces of mail from a utility bill, credit card, etc.  Claimants must cross out all account numbers.  The claim window will commence the day of the NFT launch and end on the date all NFT sales are completed.  All claims must be made on Revolt Voyager’s website (  Any claims on any other website or via any other mechanism should be deemed fraudulent as they would not be affiliated nor acknowledged by us.

For those holding Voyager Digital stock as of the day NFT sales end (CASE TWO), the claim window will open exactly one week after sales are completed.  Instructions will be provided on the Revolt Voyager website in the Claims Section.  If any claimant already has a previous claim for losses, he/she should login again during the second claims period, select CASE TWO, and include the additional documentation for his/her total claims to be updated.

Individuals are eligible for a dual claim (Cases One and Two) provided they meet both conditions.

Shareholder loss claims shall be open for residents of the United States of America and Canada and are limited to one overall shareholder loss claim per person/entity and per address.

The administrative fees for reviewing the credentials and brokerage statements of thousands of individuals who own and/or lost capital in Voyager Digital Stock will be exceptionally high. In addition, we must spin off Revolt Voyager™ and prepare it for its eventual public listing as well as distribution of shares.  To help offset some of our costs and reduce potential fake claims, we kindly request each claimant pay a nominal administration fee of $25 to help us assess your credentials, approve your application for your ownership stake in the new company, and distribute shares to your brokerage account.  At any time prior to the distribution of shares, you may request in writing to forfeit your right to such shares and the $25 in administration fees (minus a nominal five-dollar processing fee) will be refunded by check in the mail to your registered address on file.  Please make sure you meet the minimum qualifications before you apply. If you are found to be sending fake documents, making illegitimate claims, or submitting claim duplicates, we will NOT refund your administrative fees under any condition, and you will be reported to the appropriate government agency.

It is estimated that company employees will spend up to 30 minutes initially reviewing each claim by phone and/or email, as well as entering stated information into a database. When claims open, please make sure to follow the guidelines so it does not delay initial claim processing.  Additional time will be required for final processing of each claim and working with brokerages for distribution to each claimant.  Between both mass and individual emailing, postal mail, follow ups and distribution of ownership, the cost of administration is anticipated to grow to more than the aggregate of all $25 administrative fees collected from claimants.   Please note that by submitting your claim, you are entering a contract in good faith with Satoshi District LLC and are fully aware that it may take up to 30 months from the date final claims are received  before you receive shares in the new company.  However, we intend to distribute shares in the new company as soon as possible and as dictated by our ability to publicly list the new entity.

Please read our DISCLAIMER prior to purchasing NFT’s and submitting any claims.

Revolt Voyager™ is a Trademark of Satoshi District LLC.  Within six months of the official game release, Satoshi District plans to spin off Revolt Voyager™ as an independent organization, to help compensate former shareholders of Voyager Digital and platform users of Voyager Digital and Celsius.  We estimate that it will take up to twelve months post spin-off to distribute shares of the new company to prior owners of Voyager Digital.