Fight For a Cause

While we remain committed to growing additional benefits for Revolt Voyager NFT holders over time, all NFT projects are under the helm of Satoshi District LLC. do put a high degree of focus on philanthropy.  Revolt Voyager is no exception, and while our focus to fight for the financial well-being of crypto community members who have been harmed, we will also fight for those who are less fortunate with serious health-related matters.  Remember, “Health is wealth!”  Without our health, money is meaningless.  We all have a moral obligation to help others, and when we can do so in a way that can benefit everyone, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To accomplish this, we are going to build a strong, solid community from the ground up, build extensive relationships with brand ambassadors, thought leaders and champions of innovation and extend invitations to various organizations and charities who are dedicated to bringing an end to cancers, diseases and other maladies for which no cure exists.

The Fight for a Cause Mode of Revolt Voyager is the single most important mode of the video game and is likely to be the number one revenue source of the company.  But it will be the smallest source of operating profit for the company as the half the funds raised will go to the “Cause,” and 80% of the remaining funds will be used to compensate the players who have made the fundraising possible.  The balance of ten percent will be used to cover payroll, server maintenance, marketing and other expenses related to the “Cause,” minimizing and potentially eliminating our ability to make a profit. 

Every “Cause” must be a Non-Profit Organization that utilizes 100% of the funds for helping fund research and/or find treatments and cures for victims.  Victims may be lung cancer patients, patients with neuro-generative diseases or children born with rare blood cancers or other malignancies. 

While Fight for a Cause Mode is not a charitable tax donation, anyone will be able to voluntarily donate to each cause through the Non-Profit’s website.  Alternatively, a player can donate his or her fight charity ticket to us as a tax-deductible gift. 

Any and all non-profits participating in “Fight for a Cause” gameplay will be listed in the Partners section of our website.   We will release our exciting list of our Non-Profit partners who have accepted our invitation and will be participating as we get closer to the first Revolt Voyager NFT Launch.