Operating Plan

Funds Allocation

All funds received from NFT sales will be deposited into one or more of Satoshi District’s Solana wallets.

Funds from NFT sales will be allocated as follows:


  • Satoshi District™ LLC will retain 15 percent of raised funds for sales and operating expenses.   These shall include employee payroll related to the Revolt Voyager Platform; advertising, marketing and merchandising initiatives directed by such employees to outside vendors; various legal and business expenses related to the project, and project management expenses up to and including six months post official game release.
  • 65 percent of funds will be spent directly on product development, server costs and maintenance, and product testing. Our hired production studio will retain the skillsets and expertise of highly qualified individuals with demonstrated experience in building successful video games, as well as those experts who are familiar with integrating video games with blockchain components.
  • Ten percent of funds will be used for third-party marketing and promotional expenses of the video game, not limited to the following: prize pools, social media advertising, and giveaways.
  • The remaining ten percent will remain in one or more designated accounts as reserves, and will provide necessary liquid capital for product updates, maintenance, server costs and other expenses related to the game post-release.
NFT Sales Funds Allocation

Additional Revenue Streams

We are also going to be selling various apparel and accessories, through our own channels and various retail partners. 

There are several additional revenue streams in various phases of planning and production with regard to Revolt Voyager.  These include various apparel and accessories through our own channels and various third-party retailers.

All revenue streams for which Satoshi District’s divisions utilize Revolt Voyager’s trademarks shall pay a minimum ten percent royalty on all Revolt Voyager NFT and game-related merchandise.  All third-party licensing fees shall be collected and retained by Satoshi District for the sole purpose of utilization of the Revolt Voyager platform.

Transparent Reporting

Satoshi District LLC will provide a comprehensive monthly report card and progress report at the end of every month, commencing in the month after in which NFT sales begin.  Detailed information including revenues, spending and roadmap progress will be provided within these reports.

Separation of Revolt Voyager from Satoshi District

While revenues will ensure additional cash inflows before, during and after game production, the project’s management, under the direction of Satoshi District, shall cease managing Revolt Voyager six months after the official release of the game.

All property of Revolt Voyager shall likewise be transferred from Satoshi District to the new entity.  This includes any related trademarks, liquid assets and any other tangible and intangible (intellectual) property derived directly and indirectly from the Revolt Voyager project that are either held and/or under contract by Satoshi District with third parties, as well as any related assets held by business units owned and/or operated by Satoshi District.

Satoshi District LLC’s ownership in Revolt Voyager post game release shall be no more than 40 percent with the overall breakdown as follows:

Ownership in Revolt Voyager