Bitty Baller

Bitty Baller

Rooks of Revolution™ Boxer

Before becoming one of the most feared boxers in the Chainweight Division, Bitty Baller had successful stints in both football and wrestling.  A graduate of Princeton University, he attained notoriety for his brains more than his brawn.  Nevertheless, his success in finance didn’t stop him from training and joining the Revolt Voyager Boxing Federation in 2011, where he successfully blitzkrieged many opponents in succession on his way to securing the Chainweight Title for six consecutive years.

After his loss, Bitty Baller continued to fight before retiring in 2019 to run a successful crypto investment company, but his thirst for the ring eventually caught up with him and he began a full year of training to regain his lost stamina.  In 2021, Bitty made his comeback bid in a fight against Immortalweight Satoshi Envy, with the fight going the distance and ending in a draw.  Taking advice from his pal Pop Sailor, Bitty scaled down ten pounds and rejoined the Chainweight Division where he had much earlier success.  Since that fight, he has gone on a run of several victories.  Looking ahead, Bitty would like a rematch fight against his nemesis, Nicht Ehrlich, the Chainweight fighter who stole the belt from him in 2017.

Chainweight Division Rank #2
Wins 37 | Losses 2 | Draws 1 | Wins by Knockout 30

Favorite Quotes:

“The longer bitcoin lives, the less likely the greenback will prevail.”