Das Vidaniya

Das Vidaniya

Crooks of Crypto™ Boxer

Das Vidaniya, identical twin brother of Vladimir Putin, was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, Soviet Union. As the oldest boxer in Revolt Voyager, he remains undefeated, having attained the Chainweight Championship Title in 1976. He retained his belt for 8 years without a single defeat over 12 title bout defenses. He finally retired in 1984 to become a successful business man, opening several fast food franchises while spending considerable time with his family and two daughters. He became a political advisor to his brother in 2002 and maintained his advisory post until 2015.

In 2014, rumors circulated that Das Vidaniya was part of Russia’s covert stem cell project, having participated in several age-reversal, strength, and endurance trials in 2014. In 2018, he reapplied to the Revolt Voyager Boxing Federation as an Immortalweight, where he has amassed a consecutive streak of 13 first round knockouts. Unfortunately, due to the high impact of his punches, three of his opponents were forced into retirement due to brain trauma and one subsequently died three weeks after his injuries. He has notably increased in size, speed and strength since his earlier years and remains the #2 contender in the Immortalweight Division.

Das Vidaniya looks very much like his brother, and is expected to replace him as the next President of Russia. Many people will not know the difference, except for the fact that he is a well-built and more durable. Das Vidaniya is a staunch supporter of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and has spent significant time between bouts in Donetsk Oblast until late 2021. He is the founder of the Crooks of Crypto™ and has led that initiative since 2013, many years before he came out of retirement. He remains dangerous and unpredictable both inside and outside the ring.

Immortalweight Division Rank #2
Wins 42 | Losses 0 | Draws 0 | Wins by Knockout 39

Favorite Quotes:

“Russia is the most powerful country. Someday you’ll all be eating off the Ruble.”

Website: https://www.DasVidaniya.com
Email: Das.Vidaniya@RevoltVoyager.com