Dick Dolittle

Dick Dolittle

Crooks of Crypto™ Boxer

As his name suggests, there isn’t much Dick Dolittle has accomplished in his career other than the six fights he has won, with all six wins against questionably inferior opponents with a combined record of three wins to 77 losses. He’s been knocked out in all of his losses, and has knocked out only one of his opponents by tripping him and punching him in the head while the referee was looking the other way.

Dick attended Columbia University before starting his career at a high-profile finance company. While learning about capital markets and running a hedge fund, he teamed up with one of his college buddies and they began their own hedge fun in crypto markets at an unknown location in Singapore. Overtime, they grew their nascent crypto hedge fund into one of the largest in the world.

However, after much success, Dick and his beleaguered hedgefund would come crumbling to the ground at the hands of Sham Banken-Fraud, who forced the fund into eventual liquidation by selling Dough Kwon’s pegged stablecoin far below market value. It was rumored that Dick shared way too much information with Sham, but Sham’s exchange simply knew Dick’s position on each and every trade.

Despite losing his company, laurels and manhood, Dick still trains for fights by punching computer screens and rubbing his raw, swollen hands with petroleum jelly. His claim to fame is the yellow raincoat he wears while embarking on his journey to the ring with his Crooks of Crypto™ entourage, although many of his supporters have left him due to leaving them in dire straits.

Etherweight Division Rank #4
Wins 6 | Losses 22 | Draws 0 | Wins by Knockout 1

Favorite Quotes:

“My life has always been better outside the ring until all I had left was inside of it.”

Website: https://www.DickDolittle.com
Email: Dick.Dolittle@RevoltVoyager.com