Ether Klitschko

Ether Klitschko

Rooks of Revolution™ Boxer

Ether Klitschko, ranked #3 in the Etherweight Division, was born in Russia and moved to Canada to join the Revolt Voyager Boxing Federation as professional boxer in 2013, quickly amassing some early defeats against some rather unworthy opponents. As a cousin to the famous Klitschko brothers, he never lived up to their legacy in the ring.

After seven straight early victories, five by knockout, he has been knocked to the canvas one too many times. Many attribute his early success to his proven work ethic, but when the stakes got higher he became more interested in re-investing the profits from his victories and empowering others to do the same.

Etherweight Division Rank #3
Wins 15 | Losses 11 | Draws 0 | Wins by Knockout 7

Favorite Quotes:

“The technical side of my fighting efficacy is 100% a workout exercise. But now I’m getting old and hoping my previous work will make up for the difference.”