Nicht Ehrlich

Nicht Ehrlich

Crooks of Crypto™ Boxer

Nicht Ehrlich, ranked #1 in the Chainweight Division, was born in Norderstedt, Germany and lives in New York, NY. He started training in 1993 in Toronto, Canada when he was only five years old, and 13 years later entered amateur boxing to eventually win the North American Gold Light Heavyweight Title within 18 months.  He joined the Revolt Voyager Boxing Federation as professional boxer in 2015, and captured the Chainweight Title in 2017 without a single defeat during his path.  He eventually lost his first fight in 2022 to Bitboy Wonder in a non-title fight, but remains the undisputed Chainweight Champion of the World.

Nicht Ehrlich appears to be amicable, but he tends to fight dirty, often sneaking in an extra punch after the end of the bell.  He also has been involved with several shady businesses, and has amassed a huge fortune outside of the ring.  He joined the Crooks of Crypto™ in 2018 and is strongly disliked by many Revolt Voyager fans.

Chainweight Champion of the World
Wins 42 | Losses 1 | Draws 0 | Wins by Knockout 36

Favorite Quotes:

“The reality is crypto isn’t for anyone.  Take your losses and move on.”