Sham Banken-Fraud

Crooks of Crypto™ Boxer

Sham Banken-Fraud was born on March 6, 1992 in Stanford, California. Known as SBF, he is most infamously known for starting the firm, Fool the People (FTP) which is most known for its harsh trading strategies that have successfully destroyed the wealth of many international companies and clients. However, he has gained so many small mom and pop retail clients by giving them some of the breadcrumbs of his vast multi-billionaire empire. Many families, unfortunately, have lost their life savings and pensions due to Sham’s direct involvement with organizations that have wiped out leveraged positions of various hedge funds.

Sham has made generous donations to many politicians, lining their pockets so he can successfully carry out a mission that may have significant ties to bribery and corruption with various government agencies and individuals tied to Wall Street. He is the second richest person in Revolt Voyager, second to Das Vidaniya, but has funded the Russian’s quest to make Crooks of Crypto™ the most powerful enterprise in the world.

Sham’s crypto trading company, FTP, was initially headquartered in Hong Kong but then relocated to the Bahamas for tax purposes. Sham has largely skirted the US tax system but had earned many privileges by funding politicians rather than the IRS.

As a boxer, Sham had struggled in the ring due to his obvious round belly which he often refers to as “baby fat,” but over time, he has become a fairly competitive challenger in the ring, having attained 20 wins in the Chainweight Division with 9 losses. He is often a favorite of the judges, so anyone who goes the distance with Sham has lost. Rumors have circulated that Sham has used FTP to create unfair advantages for all Crooks of Crypto™ fighters but that has been partly discredited.

Chainweight Division Rank #4
Wins 20 | Losses 9 | Draws 0 | Wins by Knockout 10

Favorite Quotes:

“I believe that government regulation will not only help legitimize cryptocurrencies, but they will preserve the wealth of Fool the People.”