Teslar Prime

Teslar Prime

Rooks of Revolution™ Boxer

Teslar Prime is considered by many to be the strongest champion in the Revolt Voyager Boxing Federation to ever exist. Born in Pretoria, South Africa, Teslar was already recognized as a prodigy by the age of three when his parents discovered he was building a spaceship out of legos based on the movie, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, which he had seen only a few weeks earlier. Moreover, it was soon discovered that Teslar also possessed natural physical strengths, when at the age of five he could curl 20 lb dumbbells. By the age of 11, Teslar could run a five-minute mile, bench weight his bodyweight 30 times, and throw a football over fifty yards. Several scouts attempted to convince his parents to allow him to enter sports competitions for adults, but they felt their son should focus on his studies and enjoy his childhood.

In his late teenage years, Teslar decided to take on the sport of boxing, and as an amateur had amassed a record of 40 wins and zero defeats. At the age of 22, Teslar decided to go mainstream and became a boxing pro. Three years later, he would become the undisputed, world reigning Immortalweight Champion for the Revolt Voyager Boxing Federation. Teslar parlayed his winnings into several businesses, most notably an electric car company and a spaceship brand which have fared incredibly well. But more importantly, Teslar founded the Rooks of Revolution™, a fighting alliance of powerful boxing visionaries focused on making the world a better place, even at the expense of their own personal fortunes and endeavors.

Teslar’s goal is to defend his title and remain the undisputed champion for a few more years. However, despite him overcoming the odds and looking even more powerful than ever in the ring, he has publicly declared that it won’t be long before age catches up to him.  His goal is to groom the next Immortalweight Champion before the Crooks of Crypto™ threaten its foundation and the future of the boxing world.

Immortalweight Division Rank #1
Wins 49 | Losses 0 | Draws 0 | Wins by Knockout 47

Favorite Quotes

“Why show mercy to your opponent and give him the chance to come back stronger?”

Website: https://www.TeslarPrime.com
Email: Teslar.Prime@RevoltVoyager.com