The Cubano Kid

The Cubano Kid

Crooks of Crypto™ Boxer

The Cubano Kid is the only boxer in the Revolt Voyager™ Boxing Federation to have fought for both the  Rooks of Revolution™ and Crooks of Crypto™.   Cubano was a huge fan favorite through 2020, but many saw him as a shark when he aligned himself with Nicht Ehrlich in 2021 to form a lucrative partnership to monetize their respective customer bases.   In early 2022, Cubano renounced his partnership with the Rooks of Revolution™ and joined forces with the Crooks of Crypto™.

After Nicht Ehrlich’s abominable business failures in 2022, The Cubano Kid decided to distance himself from the disgraced Champion despite Ehrlich’s continued success in the ring.  Many of Cubano’s fans were disappointed that he did not renounce his affiliation with the Crooks of Crypto™ despite his attempts to rekindle a relationship with the Rooks of Revolution™.

The Cubano Kid is not one to apologize to anyone including investors and fans.  Using a combination of speed and stamina to wear down his opponents, he has proven himself a worthy champion in the Etherweight Division where he has held the Championship Title twice.

Etherweight Division Rank #1
Wins 28 | Losses 2 | Draws 0| Wins by Knockout 18

Favorite Quotes:

“So many believe Bitcoin to be the champion of cryptocurrencies, but there lies a true underdog waiting to replace it.”