Video Game

The best part of Revolt Voyager is the game itself!  There are many exciting details related to the functionality of characters and gaming features that will be released over time, including some sneak peaks of characters’ fighting styles and the various boxing arenas in the game. 

In the meantime, we would like to share some details about our in-game currency and maximum supply, in-game wallet, the two opposing fighting alliances, the three weight class divisions, various game modes proposed for the game, and to provide some information on how players will be able to access the game in conjunction with their external Solana wallet address.  While we are in the early stages, we believe all of this information will help many NFT owners know what they can expect from the game’s initial release and beyond.

In-Game Currency

Revolt Voyager will have its own gaming token, REVOLTR, on the platform built onto the Solana Blockchain.  These tokens shall be used exclusively for purchasing in-game accessories and assets which can then be minted onto the Solana Blockchain using REVOLTR.  They can also be used to purchase entries into contests within both Pay-Play-WIN! and Fight for a Cause modes.  You can store your REVOLTR tokens and unminted NFT accessories and assets on the in-game wallet, but any minted assets must be sent to an external Solana wallet.  Players must first secure their account with an authenticator in order to create an in-game wallet and can securely purchase REVOLTR into their in-game wallet account from an external Solana address.   REVOLTR can be moved from the in-game wallet to an external wallet and vice versa.

REVOLTR can be used for various upgrades, for minting NFTs to Solana, and to play Pay-Play-WIN! and Fight for a Cause Mode.   REVOLTR works in tandem with the price of Solana, so 1 Solana = 100 REVOLTR.  REVOLTR has a maximum of 4 decimal places.   Anything that converts beyond 4 decimal places will be rounded.

While REVOLTR and Solana are the only currencies to be utilized on the platform, there are clear distinctions between how both are to be used, transferred and stored.

REVOLTR can be used for paying for monthly Standard Mode subscription fees, upgrades, minting assets, entering paid competitions, receiving royalties, and for purchasing Solana to be sent off the platform to an external wallet.  It can be stored on the in-game wallet as well as sent to an external Solana wallet.  REVOLTR cannot be won in any paid competitions.

Solana can be used for paying for monthly Standard Mode subscription fees and purchasing REVOLTR directly into the in-game wallet.  It the only cryptocurrency payable for cash winnings in the game.  Anyone who wants to make a purchase with Solana for purchasing REVOLTR must provide an external Solana Wallet address.  This is because we would be unable to issue any potential prizes to the player, and the player would not be able to mint assets from the in-game wallet to his/her Solana address.

While the in-game wallet is managed by Revolt Voyager, it’s true purpose is to serve as an easy and effective mechanism for purchasing REVOLTR with Solana and storing unlimited unminted assets.   Minted assets cannot be held on the in-game wallet and must be sent to an external wallet.

Revolt Voyager will airdrop 200 REVOLTR to all NFT Holders at a specific date and time that will be pre-announced once we have crossed the 50 million REVOLTR threshold.

Once 90 million REVOLTR are circulating in the game and via external wallets, the in-game currency will decouple from Solana with further valuation based on supply and demand.  The currency will then be listed on multiple exchanges.

The company will then do secondary offering of REVOLTR through a single exchange, for the remaining 10,000,000 units, and will use the proceeds for further expansion and development of the Revolt Voyager platform and brand. This will also help create additional liquidity and allow Revolt Voyager to effectively bridge purchases with Solana for REVOLTR and vice versa through best bid and offer prices.

Since we have replaced staking mechanisms with pay-per-use royalties on leased gaming assets that earn money from fees paid with the same in-game currency, the value of REVOLTR will grow in tandem with the user growth and assets created.

In-Game Wallet

Revolt Voyager’s in-game wallet allows you store REVOLTR and unminted gaming-related assets.  All unminted assets that you have attained can be minted using REVOLTR.  You may make modifications to the attributes for certain assets for a fee based on the rarity of the attribute prior to minting.

Certain asset attributes increase the likelihood and frequency of particular assets generating royalties payable in REVOLTR.    All Pay-Play-WIN! events and Fight for a Cause events require various minted assets to host the event.  These include an arena or gym, a boxing ring, a score card announcer, a ring girl, a marketing billboard, and an event promoter.  While Revolt Voyager will own various assets to support the initial launch, it will not have enough of these assets to support the game over the long-term.

Revolt Voyager will select from available minted in-game leasable assets that players have registered with the Revolt Voyager Boxing Commission.  Once an asset has been registered with the Revolt Voyager Boxing Commission, the asset can then be permanently leasable for in-game use, unlocking its true earnings potential.  Only NFT holders can register leasable assets with the commission, but anyone can own one of these assets as they can be sold and transferred between players and/or the Revolt Voyager Digital Store.

Leasable assets are similar to other blockchain staking mechanisms like vaults.  Staking and unstaking a leasable asset for use in the game does come with a small transfer fee, but unlike most staking mechanisms, no staking yield can be earned.  A leasable asset can also be withdrawn, but only prior to it being selected for an in-game event, be it daily, weekly or monthly.  Once a leasable asset is selected for an event and the event has completed, the asset will be released back to the Solana address where it is held along with the royalties earned in REVOLTR.   Likewise, if a leasable asset is not utilized over a 30-day period, it will be released back to the Solana address where it is held.

Unlike other leasable assets, arenas and boxing rings are eligible for a small percentage of revenues.  Some sizable arenas will be able to potentially earn thousands of REVOLTR per event.   Revolt Voyager will provide a list of the highest grossing assets by category as well as the resources in highest demand and lowest supply.  This should help players in their quest for accumulating necessary accolades and player points for being able to acquire and mint new assets.   Player points will be further discussed once we are close to the release of the game.

Fighting Alliances

There are two fighting alliances in Revolt Voyager:

Rooks of Revolution™ is an alliance of powerful boxing visionaries focused on making the world a better place, even at the expense of their own personal fortunes and endeavors.  They are powerful visionaries fighting for freedom, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness for all within the crypto industry.  While they continue to repel against individuals who have plagued the crypto industry with Ponzi-schemes, bad business practices, fraud, deceit and wrongdoing, they must continue to grow their alliance in order to keep up with the malevolent Crooks of Crypto.

Crooks of Crypto™ is an alliance of despicable, unethical fighters focused on deceitful tactics and trickery to achieve their goals.  They are also very powerful, having lobbied for their own self-interests with various financial organizations and government agencies, while promoting themselves as saviors to the crypto industry.   They continue to KO anyone in their path who challenge their authority and commitment to lining their own pockets through suspected criminal enterprise while draining significant financial resources from families across the world.

Your NFT will determine which alliance you belong to, but only for the exclusive benefit of being able to use the specific fighter you own in Standard Game Mode.  Every player has the ability to fight under the Rooks of Revolution alliance and fight as the protagonist fighter.  However, if you own the coveted protagonist boxer NFT (ie. the game’s future hero), you will be able to fight as any Rooks of Revolution character in Standard Game Mode.

Weight Class Divisions

Just like boxing has various weight classes such as featherweights, lightweights, middleweights, and heavyweights, Revolt Voyager has its own weight class divisions in which the boxers hit harder and become more challenging to defeat.  There are three weight class divisions.

Etherweight Division: The Etherweights are generally lankier and faster, but do not be deceived.  Some of them might be as tricky and challenging as their Chainweight counterparts.  On a good note, a couple of knockdowns is all it will take to make it difficult for them to hang in there with a standing eight count, especially if you use your super swing to bring them down to the canvass.   You’ll need to defeat the Etherweight Champion and steal the Etherweight Title Belt before you can move to the next weight class.

Chainweight Division:  The Chainweights are bulked up and ready to give you a difficult time in the ring.   Their punch combinations are much more damaging to your health, and you’ll need to maintain your stamina especially given their ability to recover from damage.  Unlike Etherweights, Chainweights will change their strategy and often utilize what works in the next round, especially if they see you repeatedly using the same combination of punches.  You’ll need to defeat the Chainweight Champion and steal the Chainweight Title Belt before you can move to the next weight class.

Immortalweight Division: The size and demeanor of the Immortalweights can often intimidate anyone stepping into the ring, including the referee!  They are the toughest, fiercest opponents known to mankind.   These fighters are versatile and will react to your punch combinations with counterattacks of their own.  Their elusiveness to simple one-two punch combinations cannot be understated.   Not only will you need to always keep your guard up, but you’ll also need to re-energize in between rounds.   To become a legend and steal the Immortalweight Title Belt, you’ll need to defeat a popular, well-groomed Champion whose legacy will survive well beyond the ring.

Game Modes

The Revolt Voyager video game will feature four exciting gaming modes.  These include the following:

Minters Mode:

This mode is reserved exclusively for anyone who has previously purchased a Revolt Voyager NFT through his/her Solana Wallet.

In “Minters Mode,” original purchasers can win additional cash prizes, NFTs, merchandise, and partake in promotional activities in the game through special activation codes. 

How this is tracked: A person must provide an email address and confirm this email as part of the registration process prior to purchasing an NFT.   Additional NFTs may be purchased on by using the same email address.  (A person may also include his/her mobile number for reminders).

Solana wallet addresses will not be directly connected to the designated email address. Only the Solana wallet used to purchase the NFT, during the execution of the smart contract minting process, will be tied to the specific NFT purchased as it will be transferred to the same wallet.

Standard Game Mode:

In Standard Game Mode, everything is about your fighter.  You can earn accolades, badges, win belts, and fight against computer opponents.  You can even take your fighter to the ring against other players in live action. 

Purchase exclusive gloves, boxer memorabilia with digital signatures of past and present boxing legends, and even design and mint your own belt for your Champion fighter.  Moreover, accumulate enough accolades and player points, and you’ll be able to (for an additional fee) create and mint your own fighting arena, gym, boxing ring, promoter and other leasable assets, making you eligible for royalties payable in REVOLTR by renting out your assets in Pay-Play-WIN! and Fight for a Cause competitions. 

All of your minted assets must be stored in your Solana wallet and can be imported into the game while you are connected.  You can sell any of your minted Revolt Voyager assets to other players via Revolt Voyager’s Digital Store.

While there is a monthly fee associated with Standard Game Mode, you will always own the assets in your in-game wallet if you decide to cancel your subscription.  While you won’t be able to accumulate player points and accolades, or build any additional assets, you still will be able to mint assets you do own to your Solana address and utilize Pay-Play-WIN! and Fight for a Cause Modes.  While your fighter will be in retirement, he can make a comeback at any time by simply re-subscribing to Standard Game Mode.  You can avoid monthly fees by owning a Revolt Voyager NFT and simply connecting your NFT to the game.                                        

Pay-Play-WIN!  Mode:

In Pay-Play-WIN! Mode, you pay a fee of 50 cents and up using our in-game currency, REVOLTR, choosing various competitions to win various prizes including Bonus NFTs, merchandise and even crypto.  Many of these Pay-Play-WIN! Mode competitions are single fight competitions that end with loss or victory, but some competitions will continue until you finally lose to an opponent.   Eighty percent of all fees will be allocated for prizes including Bonus NFTs, merchandise and crypto, with the remaining twenty percent retained by the Revolt Voyager platform.

Fight for a Cause Mode:

Fight for a Cause Mode is similar to Pay-Play-WIN!  Mode, but the competitions are fiercer and more competitive with some of the competitions projected to reach tens of thousands of entries.  Fifty percent of all entry fees will go directly to the philanthropy supported by each competition, forty percent will be returned to the players, and ten percent will be used to cover Revolt Voyager’s server and maintenance costs, prize distributions and any other miscellaneous fees.  

In the “Fight for a Cause” Mode, new boxers may be unveiled from time to time, and many players during the event may randomly win a mint of the newly created NFT Boxing Character.

More information on all modes will be released prior to the launch of the video game.

Gaming Account Access

Your security is our priority.  Every account, regardless of type, will have a username/password or social media account associated with it.  If you lose your username and/or password or access to your social media account, you can request access by having your account details sent to you by email or SMS. 

If you plan on connecting your Solana wallet because you have a Revolt Voyager NFT or any other game related NFTs, or if you desire to accumulate and/or access game-related crypto assets within your in-game wallet, you will be required to set up two-factor authentication to protect your account.  If you lose your two-factor authentication, you will not be able to access in-game assets from your in-game wallet nor re-connect external assets to the game when you login until you go through the reset process of your wallet utilizing your mnemonic key recovery phrase.    Access to in-game wallet assets as well as the connection to your Solana Wallet in the game will automatically be disabled within 20 minutes of no activity or when you log out, whichever happens first.  You may bypass the authenticator to play, but you will not be able to access any assets nor connect to your Solana wallet. 

Please be aware, if you lose your login/password info AND access to your email and phone number for recovery, we will not be able to help you regain access to your gaming account.  Therefore, certain accumulated achievements and accolades will not be transferrable.   However, you can open a new account and you can recover your in-game assets using your mnemonic key recovery phrase.  However, you will need to reset your Solana Wallet address again.  Please keep in mind that your stored Solana address is only a public address that the game utilizes to access your NFTs on the Solana blockchain and for which you can transfer your in-game assets directly to.  The game does not have access to send anything from your external Solana blockchain address including Solana, REVOLTR and NFTs.  FOR THE SECURITY AND PROTECTION OF ALL MEMBERS, YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED TO ENTER YOUR PRIVATE KEYS FOR ANY EXTERNAL WALLET. 

You are responsible for cancelling your $9.95 monthly subscription auto-renewal if paying by credit card or PayPal, regardless of losing access to your account by your own negligence.  We may change these procedures up and until the launch of the game but will take all necessary measures to protect user identity, accumulated gaming assets and NFTs earned through gameplay.   Please bear in mind that we cannot be held responsible if you lose your authenticator and backup.  Since the in-game wallet belongs to the bearer of that wallet, our protocols limit our control of that wallet to suspected fraud only, giving us the ability to temporarily or permanently suspend wallet access.  For your protection, our ability to transfer any contents held within an in-game wallet that you can no longer access is restricted to court ordered mandates within your jurisdiction and review by our attorneys.