Below is the roadmap for Revolt Voyager’s exciting journey ahead.  Progress updates including new deliverables will be added to this list.  Please keep checking back.

Revolt Voyager LogoSeptember 2022

Website Launch

Social Media Launch

Revolt Voyager LogoThird Quarter 2023

Official Whitepaper Release

Whitelisting Begins

Revolt Voyager LogoFourth Quarter 2023

NFT Launch Date Announced

Partnerships Page Launched

Revolt Voyager LogoFirst Quarter 2024

NFT Sales Begin

Compensation Claim Window Opens for Former/Existing Shareholders of Voyager Digital

Game Development Begins

Revolt Voyager LogoThird Quarter 2024

Additional Compensation Claims for Existing Shareholders of Voyager Digital

Revolt Voyager LogoFourth Quarter 2024

Select NFT Holders on Discord – PAID In-Game Beta Testing

Revolt Voyager LogoFirst Half 2025

Marketing Campaign Begins

Release of Various Game Scenes and Characters

1st Edition Game Revisions and Edits

Revolt Voyager LogoSecond Half 2025

Release of Minters Mode

Revolt Voyager LogoFirst Half 2026

Standard Game Mode Accessible for NFT Holders In-Game

REVOLTR Crypto Available for Purchase

Assets Available for Minting

Revolt Voyager LogoSecond Half 2026

Official Public Game Release with Standard Game & Pay-Play-WIN! Modes

Release of the Ultimate Championship NFT in Minters Mode and Pay-Play-WIN! Mode

Fight for a Cause Mode Released

Launch of Revolt Voyager Boxing Commission for NFT Holders, Making Minted Assets Eligible for Royalty Generation

Revolt Voyager Logo2027

Shares of New Company Distributed to Former Shareholders of Voyager Digital

IPO on Major Exchange