Pop Sailor

Pop Sailor

Rooks of Revolution™ Boxer

Pop Sailor was born on February 4, 1982 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Sailor quickly rose to prominence in May of 2002 when he knocked out Bully Gates, the champion of the Etherweights Division, in the third round in Madison Square Garden. However, he was only able to defend his title twice. During his second title defense, Sailor took a massive blow to his left eye, causing him to wear a patch for the next 7 years. He has recovered about 70 percent of his former vision but has a massive stigmatism, and he often still wears the patch during his matches.

Sailor was a 16 year captain of a famous ship he built, “The Macro Strategy,” which used to belong to a maritime company but has since then become an independent charter boat used for whale watching. Sailor has become friends with many whales, and there are rumors that his bitcoin hoard is so large that even independent whale colonies are beginning to take notice.

Sailor stopped boxing in 2018 and later stepped down as captain of “The Macro Strategy” in 2022. In 2021, many people suspected Pop Sailor’s increase in gym time and marathon running were part of his strategic comeback to the boxing world. In 2022, he confirmed those rumors, winning his first fight by KO and then punishing his friend, Ether Klitschko, for his second comeback win during the summer. He is currently ranked second in the Etherweight Division.

Etherweight Division Rank #2
Wins 33 | Losses 7 | Draws 1 | Wins by Knockout 19

Favorite Quotes:

“As we continue to navigate unchartered waters, many will discover what I have known all along. Bitcoin will prevail.”

Website: https://www.PopSailor.com
Email: Pop.Sailor@RevoltVoyager.com